Destination Canada's 2030 Strategy: A World of Opportunity

Welcome to the Next Horizon of Canadian Tourism
Destination Canada's 2030 Strategy: A World of Opportunity




In an era marked by unprecedented global change, Destination Canada is working to keep Canada’s tourism sector ahead of a very competitive, rapidly-evolving game.

Our new tourism strategy, A World of Opportunity, stands as a roadmap to transform the way tourism is experienced, expanded, promoted and measured in this country.    

We’re embracing transformation so that tourism can generate wealth and well-being for all of Canada and enrich the lives of our guests. 



We have a clear opportunity to drive tourism revenues to $160 billion annually by 2030. To do that, we must transcend traditional constraints that currently cap our potential at $140 billion. 

$160 billion is $20 billion more, every single year, for the Canadian economy. $20 billion that takes us from no real growth to growth that sustains communities and tourism businesses and makes them more resilient to change


Collective Action

The success of the 2030 Strategy hinges on our sector’s ability to continue to collaborate.  

By working together collectively, we can drive transformative growth, not just in terms of revenue, but in creating sustainable, meaningful experiences for our guests and tangible economic, socio-cultural and environmental benefits for our communities. 

Collective action is the key to transforming and unlocking the full potential of Canada’s tourism industry.

Let’s be Open to Opportunity.