Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance


The Board, including an appointed Chairperson and Destination Canada’s President and CEO, is composed of senior business professionals who possess the experience, competencies and skills required to add value to Destination Canada’s decisions on strategic opportunities and risks and to provide effective oversight.

Destination Canada staff support the Board by providing the latest intelligence, research, and expert advice to facilitate decision-making by all involved.

The Destination Canada Board of Directors is composed of:

  • The Board Chair
  • The President & CEO of Destination Canada
  • The Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ex officio)
  • Up to nine additional directors.


Destination Canada’s Board members bring broad and deep experience of the tourism industry, public policy, marketing and business. This ensures sound leadership at the pinnacle of our organizational chart.

Governance Documents


These documents provide an overview of Destination Canada’s corporate governance framework and include enabling legislation, bylaws and code of conduct information.

Advisory Committees


Destination Canada benefits and relies upon insights and perspective from the industry, including select advisory committees.   These committees, with representation from all sectors and regions of the tourism economy, help inform and provide input relating to key insights, program opportunities, market strategies, and trends relating to Destination Canada’s leisure marketing, business events and research divisions.

Any questions about the committees can be directed to [email protected]